New Year, New Shoes? New Shoes are always a Good Idea! January 26 2016, 0 Comments

I can't believe we are almost through the first month in the New Year! Where does the time go? Is it just me, or does It seem like the older I get the faster time goes? Well, I am coming upon my 29th birthday and I feel like I am in a race against time. I have set so many goals for myself this year and I intend on knocking each and everyone of them out of the park! Something about being a new mother ups the ante. Any who, enough of my blabber. Let's talk about something fun! How about my favorite topic, shoes! Those that know me, know that I have an extensive shoe collection. They are not the most expensive or the least expensive, but oh boy are they all soooo pretty! Hahaha... I am often asked where I shop for shoes, so I thought with Valentines Day approaching I would show some love and compile a list of my favorite shoe stores. A lot of these places  are online, because I just love getting presents in the mail, but some of the stores have actual store fronts. So get excited, here we go:

#1 Nordstrom- (Online/Storefront)Besides being a one stop shop for, well, for everything, I love that fact that Nordstrom has an open return policy. If the shoes are damaged, return them. If the shoes don't fit, return them. If you just don't like them, return them. Even if you wore them once, and they hurt your feet you can still return them. Nordstrom has excellent customer service. That is why this is my number one place to buy shoes. 

#2 Zara-(Online/Storefront)What I love about Zara's shoes is that they have the look of the high end designer with a budget friendly price. Who doesn't love to look the part while still being able to afford dinner (raises hand). This is why Zara is my number 2. 

#3 Lolashoetique- (Online/Storefront)This store was almost my number 2. I have more shoes from this store than I can even count! The reason it came in number 3 is because a lot of these shoes are super trendy and you know how that goes... one day it's in the next day it's out! The good thing is the prices are super duper reasonable. Other stores that are similar to lolashoetique where I also shop are: CiCi Hot, Gojane, and Make Me Chic

#4 Justfab/Shoedazzle- Although Justfab has a storefront, every time I go in there, everything is always sold out, so I stick to shopping their online store. Shoedazzle is strictly online. The reason  I put these two together is because Justfab actually bought shoedazzle a while back, so they sell a lot of the same stuff. I have a subscription to both of these companies and for the most part I find things I like every month. When I don't, I just simply skip the month. 

#5 Aldo-(Online/Storefront) I usually like to shop in Aldo during the Spring and Summer months. They have a great selection of high end looking sandals. All of my favorite leopard print calf hair sandals have come from Aldo. 

Of course I have more brands in my closet than the ones listed above, but when I look at the repeats, these are the places where I seem to buy most of my shoes. I hope you enjoyed this list. Happy Shoe Shopping!!