For All of My Posh Mommies! May 06 2016, 0 Comments

Did I ever tell you the story of why I named my business “So Posh”? I’ve never told it in a business setting because it may be taken wrong. It’s not super long and earth shattering, but was an aaha moment for me that would eventually create a brand that resonated with me as a person.  Anyway, here it goes. The hubby and I (then boyfriend) were riding in the car apartment hunting. We had left our umpteenth place that was not right for us, and we were both getting frustrated. He suggested we look in an area that I just absolutely refused to live in. I quickly shut that down. Being tired of looking, and super frustrated, he looked at me with his face all balled up and said, “Why do you have to act So Posh!” Now, it wasn’t the life changing moment you would expect. I was actually super offended. He had no idea, my entire life I was called bougie or some form of it, and it just never really felt good or made sense. After getting into a quite heated debate and giving him the background on why I took it wrong, the aha moment hit me.  Why should I feel bad about wanting more if I am willing to work my ass off to get it? Why should I feel bad for knowing my worth? Why should I feel bad for not settling? Truthfully I didn’t! I was just tired of being called bougie by people who had poor self-image and didn’t know their worth. I watched who and what these people settled for and I was just not interested. I wanted to shake these people for lashing out at me, but then hug them and tell them they were worth so much more.  A Posh woman is not someone who looks down on others or treats others bad.  A Posh woman is a woman who knows her worth and refuses to settle. I guess even in my youth I unconsciously knew this. So, sorry, not sorry… I’ve been Posh since birth. 

Mother’s be good to yourself so that you can be good to your children. Watch your words. Build them up. Encourage them. Teach them to value themselves. Show them that they shouldn’t settle. Ever! Keep good people around them who will do the same. Happy Mother’s Day weekend!